inCloud Hosted Application Terms and Conditions

inCloud Hosted Application T&Cs

  1. Hosted Application means a software application or tool which is accessed and used, including the saving and retrieval of data, by logging onto the servers of the software provider via the Internet. In this section, the Supplier means the third-party supplier and host of the Hosted Application.
  2. You acknowledge that Greenlight ITC is not the owner of the Hosted Application, but is an authorised reseller of it. By ordering this Service from us, you have confirmed your acceptance of the End User Agreement (the EUA) that comes with and is displayed in the Hosted Application, between you (the End User) and the Supplier. Your entire rights and remedies in relation to the operation of the Hosted Application, including any errors, bugs, faults or defects are as expressed in the EUA with the Supplier and Greenlight ITC has no liability or obligation to you apart from what is stated in these Greenlight ITC terms and conditions (agreement).
  3. Greenlight ITC hereby grants to you a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the Hosted Application for the duration of this agreement.
  4. Your right hereunder to use the Software is also subject to the obligations related to usage set out in the EUA.
  5. Greenlight ITC does not represent, warrant or guarantee that the Hosted Application will be uninterrupted, continuous or error-free or that defects, errors or bugs will be corrected by the Supplier.
  6. You acknowledge that the Hosted Application is hosted by the server of a third-party supplier. Greenlight ITC makes no representations, warranty, or guarantee as to the reliability of the Hosted Application or the ability to access the Hosted Application or retrieve data therefrom at all locations and at all times.
  7. Apart from technical support in relation to activating the Hosted Application, Greenlight ITC will not provide any user support on managing the internal features of the Hosted Application.
  8. You hereby permit Greenlight ITC’’s disclosure to the Supplier of information necessary to identify the Hosted Application purchased, the date of purchase, the duration of your right hereunder to use the Hosted Application and the amount (s) paid by you.
  9. Further terms may apply –

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